To all my fellow Cherokee friends, and family, as many of you know I had intended to run for Principal Chief of the CNO/Cherokee Nation and that I  had unofficially announced my candidacy, and actually did some campaigning for the office of Chief, of course my main reason was to serve the Cherokee People! And since no one had yet announced a candidacy for the office, I just could not allow the incumbent to run with no competition, so I stepped up and offered my services as Chief to the Cherokee People.

Later on, district one Councilor Bill John Baker announced his candidacy for the office of Principal Chief, and launched a serious campaign, after some talks it was decided I should step back and let him convince the Cherokee people he has their interest at heart.

Once again a situation where an incumbent has no challenger has surfaced, early on in the beginning of this election season, when it all first started a Cherokee name Phil Carey from Wagoner announced he would seek the at-large Council seat now held by Julia Coates, which is up for re-election this time. Just recently I have learned that Mr. Carey has with drawn his announcement and does not plan to seek this office in this election, and once again I can not allow an incumbent to be reseated with no challenge, in particular given the poor service to her constituents, her total four years of service has been to Chief Smith and his agenda, not to the outland Cherokee membership.

Now, I am sure you are all aware, due to Cherokee constitutional law and governmental policy, to be eligible for any services you must reside within the Cherokee Nation Boundaries: Therefore it would be unwise of me to promise you I am going to provide you with anything in the way of services. Now, what I can promise you, is I will look at finding out why you are denied, simply because, a Cherokee no matter where they live, in serious need of help, should be able to expect to get it from their government.

My Son David is involved with Bill John Baker's campaign for Chief, and he has had discussion with Mr. Baker on this issue he says Mr. Baker is very interested in the welfare of Cherokee People no matter where they live, one thing that was discussed was possibly setting aside funds generated from the sale of car tags to provide services to outlanders. And of course with that kind of thinking the funds generated by our nine casinos could be used to more equitably provide services to all needy Cherokee. Remember though if you want change you must vote!

And this is where my service to you the outland voter will come in, working with the Chief and the rest of the council for the good of all Cherokee. After all there are no borders limiting your rights to membership in the CNO/Cherokee Nation; Therefore why are the out of nation members discriminated against for rights to service by their government afforded all Cherokee, your right to vote is most certainly touted as an inalienable right and clamored for by the leadership of your Cherokee government.

As Bill John Baker says, "It's time to serve our People". I John William Cornsilk says, as your future at-large Cherokee Councilor, "It is time to serve ALL our Cherokee People", and remember to do this, Vote Bill John Baker for Principal Chief, Raymond Vann for Deputy Principal Chief, and John Cornsilk for At-Large Councilor, June 25, 2011. (918) 708-6965
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