John Cornsilks Platform For Chief

For the Number one plank:  I  think the Chief is paid to much money.

I ask my son if  he would consider working for me, if I were the Cherokee peoples choice for Chief, after my explaining what I had in mind he said yes, a salary for him would be funded from my compensation as Chief, to be my number one advisor,

  A Bargain in reality for the Cherokee People, Two Cornsilks for the price of one !!

Plank Number two:

A Question  on what my platform may be on the huge budget of CNO?

I say: 

It has just been announced the 2010 budget is $648 million, we keep hearing help never reaches the needy, it is because of corruption and a  over inflated payroll, leaving nothing for the intended needy!!
I will  CUT WASTE of unneeded people,  and seek an audit of the Cherokee People's money!

Plank Number three: 

What about wanabe's?

I say:

These are people that claim Cherokee blood with no proof and they use the claim to fraudulently market arts and crafts as Indian made which is a violation of law, in addition to robbing Cherokee artist of the chance to market.
My game plan will be take action, i.e. filing of suits!

Plank Number four:

"John if you are elected Chief will you move me to the top of the list for a house?"

I say:

Well Jay, a true politician would probably say as close as I can get you to the top, just vote for me!!
My promise to you, and the Cherokee People is, I will to the best of my ability as your Chief to reverse all the havoc Smith has wreaked upon the housing authority, and put it back in the business of serving the Cherokee People!

Plank Number five:

"What would your policy be on tribal members who live outside the state. Who may need financial, or other types of help. Because of a sick child, or etc.? "

I say:

Quite simply my policy will be do my job, which is enforce or see that the laws of the Cherokee people are enforced. If I am elected my promise to you and the Cherokee People is, I will do what the people want if it is presented in legal form, so that I can act on it. It is the Councils job to amend Cherokee law.

Plank Number six:

I would like to know what you would do to create jobs and revenue? Also  what you will do for education in the smaller communities densely populated by Cherokee children.

I say:

The First thing I would do for these communities and Schools is RESCIND the Rip-Off Auto Tag Compact with the state of Oklahoma. Use this money to create jobs and help the schools with needs.

Plank Number seven:

A question, how can you effect change if you don't change the Council?

I say:

The Council is the power of this form of Government that's why the Chief ever since the birth of CNO has owned the majority.  It is fixable folks! and the ONLY way is elect a Cherokee thinking Cherokee as your Chief!

Plank Number eight:

A young Cherokee sent me a message asking for help with funeral service for an Elder that had just lost his wife. CNO had denied him help as over income...

I say:

As your Chief I will make sure the criteria is re-evaluated for this final rite of the Cherokee people as their final right of entitlement by fact of Cherokee law.

Plank Number nine:

If you are elected chief, what will you do to correct the position of the Cherokee star? This may not seem important to many people, but the underlying importance of the printed symbol represents the authenticity and genuineness of the nation, its people, and its beliefs.

I say:

I will see that the distortion of the symbol displayed by the CNO government is corrected.

Plank Number ten:

 What about the Keetoowah?

I say:

 My plan for the UKB will be an extended hand to work together for ALL Cherokee People.

Plank Number eleven:

What will you do about the Freedmen issue?

I say:

I will if at all possible, drop all litigation efforts in the name of CNO/Cherokee Nation Against our Brother/Sister Cherokee Freedmen!

Plank Number twelve:

What will you do about actual complaints, and rumors are rampant concerning the service and treatment at the Indian health service, Hastings Indian Hospital in Tahlequah the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma has taken over.

I say:

 If possible I will undo the mess CNO made with the contracting of this operation. If not I will definitely upgrade the service and treatment the Cherokee people endure in their time of medical need.