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In a previous article in regards to the Cherokee Freedmen issue a question was ask, which was, "how does Chad Smith with Logic justify his action against the Freedmen?" I answered, "By absolute misinformation and blatant outright lies". and myths of Citizenship, about non Indians of course illuding to our Cherokee brothers and sisters the Cherokee Freedmen, as items of  logic and justification of the actions against the Cherokee Freedmen...

I decided to offer my truth of the actual facts in the matter on some of these articles, so following each of Smith's facts, supposed truths about non-Indians, will be followed my statement of truth on the matter.

As I have said, this Class of Cherokee, are descendants of Freedmen on the Dawes Rolls, which are rolls by the Dawes Commission of 1883 and completed in 1906, used by the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) to determine who the descendants of a Cherokee citizen listed may be, and the Freedmen are absolutely no different than any other of the several ethinicities of Nationals/Citizens on the Dawes Rolls...

This is simply so, because when the Dawes Rolls was done the purpose of the Rolls was to determine who, living in the Cherokee Nation at the time, were actually Citizens of the Cherokee Nation, for the sole purpose of determining who was to be eligible for an allotment of a piece of the Cherokee land (Then Indian Territory) the Federal government had Confiscated, with the excess going to preparation of Oklahoma becoming a State of the Union.

An aside of the main purpose was a blood degree was listed for the Cherokee people for the purpose of placing them under the protection of the restricted ownership in trust status of their allotment. A second aside of the main purpose, the Crooked Dawes Commission knew that if the black Cherokee were place on a Separate section of the Rolls called the Freedmen roll, they would have no restrictions on their allotment, and open for the taking by unscrupulous white land barons/outright crooks, and they did take the most of it, simply because the Freedmen had not become literate yet, all during slavery it was a violation of law to teach a slave to read and write.

So some things to glean from the statement above is, "Number one"; The "Dawes Rolls" is a set of rolls with listings of different class of Cherokee citizens, The Cherokee had long since become a Nation of Nationals/Citizens no different than any other Nation of the world, so it is not one Single base roll as Smith implies.

"Number Two"; Each individual Section of the Rolls was for the different ethnic classes of Cherokee Citizens by fact of Cherokee law from the enumeration of the citizens of the Cherokee Nation..."The 1880 Cherokee Census"shows you there were Adopted Delaware Indians, Shawnee, Nachez, Creek, and adopted Caucasian, adopted Negro, or Colored, last but not least the section for intermarried whites who were classed as citizens as long as married, and if the Cherokee spouse died they remained a widowed Cherokee citizen unless they re married out of the Cherokee populace, so this gives you the different classes of Cherokee by fact of law, Treaties agreements etc..

"Number Three" the thing that Smith pushes as the big lie "The Freedmen have no Cherokee blood," true, some may not have but that is inconsequential for they are Cherokee by fact of law, blood be damned, at the time of the 1880 census the black Cherokee family members only show up on the census as Cherokee, no different than all the different "mixes" of all the ethinicities as Cherokee at the time...It was ONLY by the enumeration of the Dawes commission were they segregated to the Freedmen section of the rolls regardless of Cherokee family member by family blood, simply because of the color of their skin, nappy, hair or any other African trait that may be visible.

The list of Myths and  Smiths supposed facts followed by my absolute truth on the matters of Smith facts Begins with:

1. MYTH: You need to have a large degree of Cherokee blood to be eligible for citizenship.

Chad FACT: To be considered a Cherokee citizen, you need one Indian ancestor listed on the base roll of our people. The Cherokee Nation doesn't care what other heritage anyone has: if someone has an Indian ancestor on our base roll, they are part of our Cherokee family.

My Truth!

For the most part the CNO fact is pretty accurate, with a slight exception, see header above, there is no Base Roll as a single roll, there is the Dawes Roll that includes all Cherokee Citizens at the time. The Dawes Rolls does not say all these sections are Cherokee citizens except for the Freedmen section, quite simply they were ALL Cherokee, equally so all, and for allotment of Cherokee land!

2. MYTH: The Cherokee Nation is kicking African-Americans out of the tribe.

Chad FACT: The Cherokee Nation is among the most inclusive of Indian tribes. We embrace our mixed-race heritage and we are proud of our thousands of citizens who share African-American, Latino, Asian, white and other ancestry. To be a Cherokee, all you need is one Indian ancestor on the base roll. African-Americans with an Indian ancestor on our base roll have always been, and will continue to be, citizens of the Cherokee Nation.

My Truth!

Again pretty accurate except for the same as number 1, plus the second part of the big lie, The Cherokee Citizens that are black, he can do nothing about but simply accept them, and use them against the Freedmen, some are gullible enough to hawk the lies against their fellow Cherokee the Freedmen descendants, their status though it is evident they are black, have an ancestor that is Cherokee, NOT a black on the Cherokee Section of the Dawes roll, exactly the same as all the other ethinicities Smith hawks as Citizens, same as the white who had a Cherokee ancestor on the Cherokee Section of the Dawes Rolls, that are hawking kick out the blacks...

3. MYTH: The election allows adopted whites with no blood quantum listed on Cherokee rolls to remain citizens.

Chad FACT: The amendment to our Constitution affects the citizenship of all non-Indians who were granted citizenship rights under a tribal court ruling one year ago, regardless of their ethnic background.

My Truth!

Simply more lies on top of the lies, the misconception of the bogus amendment in regards to whites has absolutely nothing to do with the adopted whites you can see on the 1880 Cherokee census, and enumerated on the Dawes Rolls in the adopted white section. the attempted deception in the amendment, states the intermarried Whites along with the freedmen will be removed...A wiley coyote trick, a play on/with words for the effect of kicking out white non Cherokee...The simple fact is there are most likely no intermarried Cherokee left alive, they were all adults at the inception of the Dawes Rolls enumeration preparations in 1898, so depending on their marrying age they would be at least 120 years old or so today, or last year at the time of the passage of the amendment, and the simple fact because of the fact of the Cherokee Parent all Children were enumerated as a Cherokee citizen, so NO whites are kicked out, and the adopted white descendants with absolutely no Cherokee blood remain as Cherokee Citizens, plain and simple.

4. MYTH: Non-Indians who have long been Cherokee citizens are now being "disenrolled."

Chad FACT: The amendment to our Constitution only affects certain people who were granted tribal citizenship under a tribal court ruling just one year ago. This vote affirms the people's passionate belief that you need one Indian ancestor listed on the base roll to be a Cherokee.

My Truth!

You be the judge, simply read the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma supreme Court ruling you will find this ruling granted nothing, it simply affirms the Freedmen were Cherokee Citizens the day before the CNO Constitution of 1975, and most assuredly were so the day after and are today, and also struck down a legislative act as unconstitutional, a law that stripped the Freedmen of their Citizenship rights. Any passion on anything on the part of Smith, cannot be a belief, because he is a lawyer and knows better, his is a passion for racist segregation liken to George Wallace, as I have shown before and I show again the very next day following the Court ruling he published a letter on the CNO website, demonstrating this you can see it here

5. MYTH: It is unfair to rely on the Dawes Roll as the base roll of the Cherokees to prove Indian ancestry.

Chad FACT: The Dawes Roll is not perfect, but we rely on it because it is the best, most authoritative historical document we have to determine who our Indian ancestors were, going back 100 years.

My Truth!

One of the absolute truths in the facts of CNO/Smith!The Truth About Our History

6. MYTH: Freedmen and other non-Indians have long been part of the Cherokee Nation.

Chad FACT: Freedmen and other non-Indians were granted tribal citizenship under a tribal court ruling just one year ago. Prior to that and following this vote, to be part of the Cherokee Nation you must have one Indian ancestor listed on the base roll of our people.

My Truth!

This was stated earlier at number 4. along with my truth! and on the base roll see my truth at number 1, my truth!

7. MYTH: The Cherokee Nation is expelling the descendants of their former slaves.

Chad FACT: Slavery was a grave injustice and a painful chapter in our nation's history. With respect to citizenship, we have justly defined our own identity through the exercise of our cherished democratic freedoms. Our people voted, and they voted their passionate belief that you must be an Indian to be in an Indian tribe. Descendants of slaves who also have an Indian ancestor on our base rolls continue to be eligible for citizenship, as they always have been.

My Truth!

The first sentence is accurate, then it all goes to pot! the second sentence would be good were it not for the blatant lie, nothing has been justly defined, we did attempt to demonstrate we have the right to determine our citizenship criteria, and true that is a Sovereign Right of a Peoples Government just like the U.S. of A, the Cherokee Nation is no different, the CNO has NO such Sovereign right But thatīs another story in another Article...

Actually People, what we premised with the BOGUS vote was, we will racially discriminate against a class of our own people on the Federal Governments dime, and Congresswoman Watson simply says no you will not. The last sentence is absolutely 100% correct, though I don't believe Smith intended it to be read that way, it quite simply states by the fact of the 1866 Treaty, they are Cherokee and have always been, and by the amendment of the
1839 Constitution of the Cherokeeshows this at Article III Section 5.

8. MYTH: The Cherokee Nation broke the Treaty of 1866.

Chad FACT: The Cherokee Nation honored the treaty by giving former slaves and other non-Indians in our region the same rights as Cherokees to benefits that included land and cash payments. With all due respect to those who seek to join the Nation, citizenship in a sovereign nation is not determined by a treaty with another government. The Cherokee Nation reaserted its sovereignty and self-determination in 1975, and our Constitution grants us the freedom to determine for ourselves who is a Cherokee.

My Truth!

The First part of the first sentence is correct, Yes the Cherokee honored the Treaty and amended their Constitution to reflect the premise of the Treaty See Excerpt pertinent to the Freedmen Nothing of the sort happened in 1975, only that an Oklahoma Corporate entity the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) was born...Once again this is another saga for a later Article.

9. MYTH: Cherokees are motivated by racism to want only full-blooded Indians in the tribe.

Chad FACT: On the contrary, we welcome every eligible Cherokee citizen regardless of his or her other racial heritage. The Cherokee Nation embraces its thousands of citizens who share African-American, Latino, Asian, white and other ancestry. It doesn't matter what you look like. If you have one Indian ancestor on the base roll, you are a member of the Cherokee family.

My Truth!

Simply see my Truth at Number 2.

10. MYTH: The Cherokee Nation wants to keep more gaming revenues for itself.

Chad FACT: This is about weaving together a great, multi-ethnic nation through one common thread – a shared connection to our Indian ancestors. The Cherokees don't distribute gaming revenues to individuals. Gaming revenues benefit the entire community beyond the Cherokees, as we invest gaming revenues in services like health care and education.

My Truth!

What a concept were it only so, see all the above "my truths" for the truth on ancestors, and for the education and health services, you can view this home made video and see the abject poverty that many Cherokee live in, health an education are offered but one only has to visit any one of the facilities and see the people lined up waiting for many all day long suffering an a comparison can be made, if a person has to live like this what can you expect in other services, education of the young is pitiful.

11. MYTH: The special election that the Cherokee Nation held on March 3, 2007, was illegal.

Chad FACT: The Cherokee people cherish our democratic freedoms and we paid dearly for them. These include the right to vote and to determine for ourselves the meaning of our Indian identity. The record turnout for this constitutional vote proved that Cherokee identity is an issue that is close to the heart of the Cherokee people.

My Truth!

Yes it is a fact the Cherokee People do cherish ALL their Sovereign rights as a people politic, and have since the Centralized Government began in 1827. and there ends any truth to this supposed fact!

The Turnout for this vote was actually more pathetic than most of the CNO elections, at least he didnīt use the touted 75% figure voted for the kick out, I think he finally realizes the people are beginning to see through the blatant smoke and mirrors/LIES, the Cherokee Populace is about 300,000 the vote for and against was about 8,000, thus the percentage of the CNO members that voted was 2.66 percent, of the Cherokee members of CNO, and that percent that actually voted for the kick out really was 75% of those that voted, that was about 6,000 so the 75% that voted equates to 2% of the CNO Members that voted to kick out the freedmen, so the truth of the blatant lie is, that Racism is close to a very few Cherokee Peoples hearts, and it is a fact many will tell you today, after learning the facts of the matter they wish they had voted the other way.

12. MYTH: It is not legal for the Cherokee Nation to define citizenship except as it is defined in the Treaty of 1866.

Chad FACT: The treaty provided for non-Indians residing in Cherokee territory to be granted the same rights as Cherokees to benefits that included land and cash payments. The Cherokee Nation honored the treaty. However, citizenship in a sovereign nation is not determined by a treaty with another government. The Cherokee Nation's constitution grants us the legal right to determine for ourselves the eligibility requirements for Cherokee citizenship.

My Truth!

See my truth at Number 2 for an answer to most of this supposed fact! When it is a Reconstruction Treaty after a war such as this was many things can and will be a factor to be agreed upon, and was on the slavery issue, see my truth at number 7.

13. MYTH: Voter turnout for the special election was extremely low.

Chad FACT: More than 8,700 people voted, which was a higher turnout than the vote for the Cherokee Nation's constitution four years ago.

My Truth!

A typical forked tongue statement by Smith, See my truth in number 11, an note in that supposed fact he said the turnout was record.

14. MYTH: Non-Indians are being "disenrolled" for failing to support the tribe's current administration.

Chad FACT: The Cherokee Nation passionately believes that citizenship in an Indian nation should belong to descendants of Indians. Our constitutional amendment reflects that belief. This vote came from the people as a grass roots effort to define Cherokee identity for ourselves.

My Truth!

For the most part see my truth at Number 7. And please know the grass roots smith Speaks of was a few paid hacks willing to do anything Smith ask, the people were lied to, and ask do you want these N*****S sucking up all your services, your commodities (donated foods) your kids school cloths and books etc, and the most hurtful statement, by a supposed rapist, hide your daughters from the black men.

Folks simply read the dissent of one judge in the case filed by the Cherokee People claiming fraud in the process of the petition for the amendment, Smith owned the majority of that court, and the ruling for approving the fraud was absolutely disgusting as you can see from the dissent.

15. MYTH: The Cherokee Nation urged voters to support the amendment.

Chad FACT: The Cherokee Nation took no official position on either side of the vote. It never sought to influence anyone's vote. The people exercised their cherished democratic right to determine for themselves the meaning of their Indian identity. My truth!

See My Truth! at Number 14, and re read Leeds Dissent!

16. MYTH: The United States government has sided with the Freedmen descendants in this matter.

Chad FACT: The United States government through its courts has time and again held that Indian tribes have the right to determine their own citizenship and is defending a lawsuit brought by some Freedmen descendants.

My Truth!

And the simple fact of the matter is, for the most part a true fact, with a slight lawyer twisting an crafting of words, there has been cases that upheld the right of Indian Nations to determine their citizenship by the fact of self governance act if they have adopted it. I guess it depends how you want to read the statement, yes there is a freedmen case in the federal judicial system See It Here as you can see the Freedmen are suing the BIA, and the Government DOJ is Defending the BIA... The CNO was denied the right to intervene for the purpose of injecting Sovereign immunity for a dismissal, based on the 13, 14, and 15 amendments to the US Constitution. What Smith is after here is a little sympathy for the big bad US government picking on the CNO. and a simple reading of the proposed legislation known as The Watson Bill will show you, it is Not a termination act as Smith would Have you believe.

John Cornsilk

Cherokee CNO Member!