Original Seal Of The
Cherokee Nation
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Freedmen are Citizens by
Fact of U.S. Court Ruling
Freedmen are Citizens
Cherokee Law enacted by
the Cherokee Council in 1863
Cherokee Freedmen Law

Excerpt from the Treaty that
made Freedmen Cherokee Citizens
1866 Treaty excerpt

Freedmen File suit in
Federal Court
Freedmen Federal Suit

Freedmen Respond to the Cherokee
Nation of Oklahoma intervention
Response to CNO motion
Action by Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
stripping the Freedmen of their rights
Citizenship Act Unconstitutional

All the following are documents in the Freedmen case in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma Supreme Court.
And some U.S Supreme Court cases pertanant to the Cherokee Freedmen Issue.

Lucy Allen Original Suit
JAT Order,  Respond date    
CNO files motion to dismiss
Lucy Responds to CNO
Muskogee Phoenix story
1894Journeycake V. CN et al
1896 Alberty v. United States
1896 Talton Versus Mayes
1899 Stephens v. Cherokee Nation
1906 Redbird versus United States
1912 Whitmire V. Cherokee  Nation
Motion for Summary Judgement
Freedmen information

CNO Brief, Todd Hembree
CNO Brief, Richard Osburn
Allen Brief, David Cornsilk
And now the results of all this work

The Cherokee Supreme Court Ruling
Dissent of Chief Justice Matlock

I like to allways post of the Chief Justice's dissent, Words by a Retired Texas Judge, who is Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma Member: his words and I quote "Where did this jackass get his law liscense? from a cracker-jack box? my sentiments exactly and just wait untill you see an Opinion or a dissent by the newly appointed Justice on the Cherokee Supreme Court, Troy Wayne Poteet, Absolutely NO experience as a Trial lawyer, or even as a lawyer, he has been suckling the assets of the CNO and being the Chief's Lacky from day one of graduating law school!!
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