Seal Of
The United Cherokee Nation

Folks as some of you may know, in the year 2000 the "1839 Cherokee Nation" was formed by Robin Mayes and a group of Cherokee members of the C N O, by convention as prescribed by Cherokee Law, convened to Revive and Revise the 1839 Constitution of the Cherokee as the continuing basis of law, for the good of all Cherokee People, and it was so. A governing body was appointed by the group, who began the business of acting in governence of the people, by the people, for the people.

A program for raising funds was instituted of registering autos and selling auto tags for them, saving the Cherokee People considerable over the cost of Oklahoma's program, in accordance with federal case law, U.S. Supreme Court, Okla. Tax comm. V. Sac and Fox Tribe, with profits to go for services to the Cherokee People.

At the same time a contractor was engaged to mint a commemorative Silver Coin, to be for sale to raise funds for the People also, and it was made so. The coin, and some history on what the design content means and the design artist by
CLICKING HERE as you can see  here and there, it is a beautiful coin.

In the beginning the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) laughed at the group, called them group a joke and classed them with the many groups all across the Nation that claim to be, and use the name Cherokee Nation, but there was a difference, this group were all members of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, and all official descendants of Citizens of the Cherokee Nation, two completely distinctive entities, by fact of law, and the lack of adherence thereof by the CNO.  Of course that is a whole other issue.

Back to the Coins, but first, after the programs were going for a while CNO soon realized there just may be a threat to their existence, because they are well aware of the fact there is the mentioned difference of the CNO, and the Cherokee Nation, so they file a law suit, not with the proper forum which would be the Federal Court, but with a State Court that has no Jurisdiction in Indian matters.

Well I just can't seem to stay away from the difference of the CNO and the real Cherokee Nation, a temporary injunction was issued by the state court to shut down the programs, and since has been made permanent, to include a court order that says the three Cherokee plaintiffs, can not engage in the sale of these coins ever or use the 1839 Cherokee Nation ever again.

Since the Contractor who was not a registered Cherokee Federally or CNO, but was a loyal and caring un-registered Cherokee for the Cherokee, who he deemed his People, has passed on.

He was listed by CNO as a plaintiff in the suit, technically and legally the Coins were his, due to an un-fullfilled verbal committment by the Cherokee Group for the re-couping of his investment, and so the knowledge of where the coins are, went with him to his grave, maybe never to surface again, HOPEFULLY NOT SO! Because they are an important part of the recent history in the struggle of the Cherokee People.

After the dust settled Mayes called a meeting of the board memners and a vote was taken to change the name of the entity to United Cherokee Nation it was agreed upon and voted so, an election was called Mayes, was voted Chief John Cornsilk Deputy Chief, Mayes moved away to Texas, so went the UCN.

What this is all about, before all the legal action by the CNO a significant number of these coins were sold to different individual Cherokee People at $40.00 each, possibly more, one for each family member, as many as twenty per individual to help in the cause of the Cherokee People, and evidently some were bought speculatively for I have seen singles of them on e-Bay's auction at least three times over the past few years going for $55.00, so I put one of mine on there, right off it sold for $55.00, since then I saw another just a couple of weeks ago, that was up to $78.00 it was put on at $55.00 did not watch to see what it went for.

As the owner of Cornsilks Indian Crafts, now closed, I was contacted by some individuals to sell their coins for them, since this is Cherokee Craft of the highest quality, I agreed to, since I had done this for other crafts.