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This is the begining of the truth about the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma!

On this page, and website you will find different things in regards to what has happened, and what goes on today in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and what some Cherokee think, by way of words written and posted some where on the internet...

And by deduction ascertain what will happen to the Cherokee People of the Historic Cherokee Nation, by acts of the usurper of the Peoples Sovereign Rights the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) and when you see the Acronym (CNOT) it stands for Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (Traitors) Coined by A Cherokee "Robin Mayes" for the leadership of CNO'S adherence to the Treaty Party ways of Old and their treason against the Cherokee People.

While the owner of this website John Cornsilk is thoroughly convinced the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is a BOGUS entity, illegally constituted, and the materials found on this site is for your review to make your own determination as to whether you think it is or not! Something to consider for the Next Cherokee Election, or the disolving of (CNOT), with the Cherokee Peoples Government restored, to them, by them, and for them!

To begin, there has been a question asked several times, the first time of me back in 2003, which was "Has the elections of the CNO always been this crooked?" I wrote a short piece in answer, I titled it, "Blast from the Past" see link below, and folks this scenario can be applied to each and every election of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma in some form since the birth of the (CNO) by R.O. Swimmer in 1976! In fact a deduction can be made by comparing, what I wrote and the case filed in the JAT, all the testimony that conclusevely showed problems with the election of 2003, and the subsequent Rulling By the JAT for the Administration, found nothing wrong...

To conserve space on this page I will place links to items: Blast from the Past

You can check out all pending court Case in the Cherokee Judicial system, and all of the Rulings/Opinions back to 1998, and see which ones serve the Cherokee People and which ones serve the administration of the CNO: The CNO Judicial System

Chad Smith Gave away the Arkansas Riverbed with the aid of the Congressman A voting Cherokee Brad Carson, some of us tried to stop them via the JAT, you can see the filings and rulings on the site, but to no avail.

Mankiller tried this with the aid of then Congressman Mike Synar now deceased. The People rose up and demanded an end to it. Here is a link to an article written by
David Cornsilk: Mankiller Riverbed debacle

In 1983 RO Swimmer began the process of stripping a class of Cherokee Citizens of their citizenship, the Cherokee Freedmen Descendents: Freedmen Begining of the End

Story of Delaware and Cherokee Deception: The Big Deception

The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is an illegal usurper of the Cherokee Peoples Sovereign rights:  The Story begins here

For all things Cherokee click: Cherokee Issues and much more

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