The time is here, as a candidate for the at-large Council of the Cherokee Nation I can now officially accept donations of money or services in-kind, for my campaign costs and use.

Nothing has changed since I first announced I would enter this Election, as I said it can only happen with the Cherokee peoples willingness to support it financially. So folks here are a few things to remember about contributions you might want to make. First of all there is no amount that is too small, give what you can, every penny counts.

"With every donation I need a name, address, and occupation"

There is a cap on a contribution, can not exceed $5,000!
Anonymous donation up to $1,000 can be made, donations by individuals only.

Check or money order
14013 N. 524 Rd.
Tahlequah, Ok. 74464

Ph (918) 708-6965
To use a credit card click.