CHEROKEE NATION OF OKLAHOMA
                                                                                    P.O.Box 1188
                                                                         Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74465
April 30, 1991

Florian McKee Griggs
P.O. Box 2186
Bartlesville OK 74005

Dear Mrs. Griggs:
Thank you for attending the hearing Monday, April 29, 1991   concerning   the   residency   requirement  for
candidates for the Tribal Council in the forthcoming election.

The  situation  hinges  on  the  words   "permanent residence".    It  is  the considered opinion of the Commission 
that  while  one  may  own/rent/lease  any number of temporary residences, there can be only one permanent residence as defined by the U.S.  Supreme Court.

The Cherokee Tribal Election Commission,  therefore, finds by a unanimous vote of the five members that
your  leased  residence  at  211  E.  Adams  Place  in Bartlesville  cannot  be  considered  your  permanent

The  Commission  regrets  to  inform  you  that  you, therefore,  do not satisfy all of the requirements
necessary  for  a  candidate  for the Cherokee Tribal Council.   Your name will not be placed on the ballot
for  the  election  of  Council  members  for  District number 8.

Margaret F. Nelson, Chairperson
Cherokee Tribal Election Commission