My name is John Cornsilk, Married, same lady 52 years. I am a Cherokee Citizen of the United Cherokee Nation (UCN) Also a member of the United Keetoowah band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma (UKB),and a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO). I live in Tahlequah Oklahoma, the Capital of the Cherokee Nation, also the home of the CNO, who are illegally acting as the Cherokee Nation.

 I am also a member of the Cherokee National Party, an advocate of same and above all am a Cherokee that perceives the salvation of the Cherokee Nation will be by people that advocate the Cherokee National Party whether they are a member or not, due to the fact I believe their creed to be!! "FOR CHEROKEE PEOPLES RIGHTS, AND WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE CHEROKEE" I have a website, see home page link below, I am thoroughly convinced the CNO is a BOGUS entity, the purposes of my website is to supply the vistor with documentation and a place to discuss the pro's and con's of whether CNO is a BOGUS entity or not, and there is documentation to be found there that I believe will attest to that fact, to get started click the CNO is bogus banner at Cornsilks!

 I Also have a forum to discuss Cherokee issues and politics. Simply Click the John's Place Banner at