Petition to Stop IHS Take over by the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

To: U.S. Senate/Congressional Committee on Indian Affairs We, the undersigned, Cherokee Nation Citizens, Native American Citizens of other Tribes, and U.S. Tax payers demand that the Committee on Indian Affairs of the United States Congress immediately call a halt to the consideration of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO), a bogus entity usurping the Cherokee Peoples Sovereign rights and snubbing their noses at the U.S Congressional authority, as mandated in the U. S. Constitution, effort to take over the Operation of the Federally mandated IHS in Tahlequah Oklahoma.

We also demand, without equivocation, that the United States government, on behalf of All Native American people That use the IHS in Tahlequah, protect our rights to the best possible health service and stop this head-long rush into this take over by the leader of CNO, Chief Chadwick Smith. Should Smith's actions causes the shut down of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma because of deception and dishonesty, and by the Congressional  Act HR2824 by Congresswoman Watson. 

Smith is looking for continued funding for his regime in that the funding for W.W. Hastings will continue as a treaty mandated Hospital, with his claim that the million's of dollars in operational funding is a waste and could be converted to better services, these funds is what he is looking at for his continued funding. The fact of dictatorial style Cherokee politics determining the quality of our hospital care is the most frightening situation imaginable.

Under the rein of Principal Chief Chad Smith's Junta, this is the apex of the worst decision to be considered yet by Smith. Who would dare even think of tribal politics playing a vital role in a life or death medical decision within their life, could possibly be good? Tribal clinics caring for minor emergencies is one thing. But involving tribal politics in critical hospital care is beyond comprehension.

The Undersigned

    Name                  Comments
169. Carolyn Burson Roche  
168. Bernita Woolfolk  
167. Woshi Walkabout For the People
166. Jerry Henson  
165. Elva Henson  
164. Nancy Patterson Chad Smith when I met you in Ill I gave you credit for being smart.......MY MISTAKE.
163. Shannon Nash  
162. Gerry R. Mann  
161. Charla L Mann  
160. Shirley Foster  
159. David Bellamy  
158. dan kelley  
157. keetoowah M Knight  
156. charlie hestal powell  
155. Deanna McCracken  
154. Donna Warren  
153. Grant Secondine  
152. glenn s spruell  
151. Judith M. Light  
150. Lesley C. Light  
149. Sandra Please listen to this situation.
148. R W Nash  
147. Gerald W. Six  
146. Danielle Moore  
145. Christopher Spruell This takeover needs to be stopped immediately! Chad Smith does not represent all the Cherokee People. This is just a continuation of a long history of the genocide of those People who don't agree with the politics of the Removal People. Everyone should educate themselves to the true history of the Cherokee People and realize what has happenned in the past and what continues today behind closed doors. Congress should suspend all actions of CNO until it is proven that they are not the only Cherokee People and they have no rights to control anything having to do with us from the BIA leadership on down the chain.
144. Michelle Spruell I truly believe that ALL Cherokees by blood and all other tribal People should be receiving services and their treaty rights should be observed! At this time, only power mongers and greed are controlling the blood rights of all and should be STOPPED!
143. troy bellamy why take away something that is to help the native americans that need it. haven't us as a nation taken enough from them already.!!!!
142. ken laroussa  
141. Terri D. Owens  
140. Tonya Anna  
139. Roxanne Harrison  
138. Linda Burgess  
137. Charles L. Wray  
136. Bruce Thompson / SoaringEagle this needs to be taken care of now.
135. LeNora Williams This needs to be stopped . CNO just had elections and why in the world did the people give Smith the oppurtunity to continune what he has been doing all the time in office. Seems to me the people of CNO need to be more involved in their tribe.
134. Gale Graves How could American consider doing this to the FIRST Americans?
133. Danny Benoit i woold like to encourage all concerned Cherokees to vote on this..
132. April Alaniz  
131. Dawne DuShane  
130. Lisa Bennett  
129. leroy light  
128. Phyllis Little  
127. Deanna D. Anderson  
126. Joseph W. Anderson  
125. Jerry Light  
124. ann light health care means life , politics is an opinion
123. James M Swanger My people did not come hear on boats ask Seth
122. Renee Kure  
121. John Scott Randoll  
120. Johnney Lee Tucker Delaware (Lenape) Tribe
    Name                  Comments
119. GwenCash   
118. Bob Sanders  
117. Brian Light  
116. Weylin Wiles Chad Smith is a thief and a liar!
115. Curtis Moore  
114. gregory levi randoll kiss my ass chadwich smith,..ya dictator
113. Lance Red Hawk It' funny how money,power and greed has shifted and changed the indian world! It is time to become educated and at the same time remember the old ways. When in doubt turn to the elders when you can and the olders if you must, but rember the diffrence!
112. Paula Bellamy  
111. Samuel T Sinclair  
110. Carol J Sinclair  
109. Jennifer Foley  
108. annette silva  
107. Dale Randle  
106. Jay Forkum  
105. Carole E. Light  
104. Andrew D. Light  
103. Edwin J. Westley  
102. Rebecca L. Westley  
100. Ann Bellamy  
99. Sharon Laroussa  
98. John coliins  
97. J. Pesek  
96. Laura Hew  
95. Robert LaRoussa  
94. John W. Sumpter Things are bad enough with out Chad Smith trying for this take over.
93. John Hunt The Cherokee Nation does not need to expand its reach by controlling the Claremore IHS facility when there are so many unresolved issues concerning the Delaware, Shawnee and Freedmen. They will only attempt to use their new powers to force others to bow to their wishes as they attempted many years ago when they attempted to require the Delaware to sign up for Cherokee tribal cards.
92. Lillie Moore  
91. Evie Blackwell  
90. Tim Blackwell  
89. Kristy
88. Thomas Moore  
87. Janifer Brown  
86. Douglas Donnell  
85. Jenifer Pechonick  
84. Susan Cade I oppose the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma taking over the IHS in Claremore, OK. Due to Chief Chad Smith's arrogant disregard for other Oklahoma tribal members who count on the services this hospital provides. We cannot afford to have his politics injected into the running of this hospital. Thank you, Susan Cade
83. Donna Jones Stapp Not until the Freedman and Constitution is decided once and for all, this is bad timing.
82. Marvin James Summerfield Stop the takeover immediately!
81. Vicki Baker  
80. Eli Grayson  
79. Patricia A Mooney  
78. Stephen Earley help us
77. David Cornsilk Indian Health Care is too critical to inject the kind of political shenanigans perpetrated by Chad Smith and his administration at Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.
76. Eva Janiece Walker for once john cornsilk I agree
75. Willetta Normore Stop IHS Takeover
74. Joe Kirkendoll Another
73. Willie L. Kirkendoll Stop IHS Take Over
72. Jay Red Eagle  
71. Debi Miller  
70. gail Williams  
69. Jason Reed
    Name                     Comments
68. Virginia Hubbard Please stop this takeover now......
67. Grant Perryman Tax Paying Citizens have been kicked out of the 5 Tribes. How long before Congress upholds the Treaties of 1866?
66. Carrie Davis I strike this blow for freedom and justice
65. rachel day oklahoma choctaw
64. Donna Smith when all citizens are equal under the law, perhaps IHS services will be protected. At no time, however, should any other agency hold control over fed gov't funding of health care.
63. Mark Harrison  
62. Marilyn Vann NO more contracts until the freedmen treaty rights are completely honored.
61. Glenda Davis Health care is in bad enough shape, don't mess with it!
60. Ernestine W. Allen  
59. Olive L. Anderson  
58. Eli Grayson Not until the Freed-Men issues are worked out...
57. Angela Walton-Raji With biases towards various portions of the community shown by the CNO, one can hope that equal treatment to all who need the services and who qualify for services will continue. The political stance shown by the CNO towards some of the citizens, might influence the care that so many of the people need.
56. M.S Cresenzo  
55. Shane Axlong  
54. Tony Rice  
53. Quamela Rice  
52. raymond vann  
51. Archie Wright Time to rid the Proud Cherokee of Chad two wife Smith
50. Melvin J. Shadrick  
49. Frank willis  
48. Luther Miller  
47. Ren Crowe  
46. James D. Welch Another unscrupulous grab by Chad Smith
45. Sally LaFayette Having spent 12 years of my adult life serving the people under the IHS Flag and being born a Cherokee Citizen with more than a nose bleed of blood, I have seen personally the distruction the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma has done to our Cherokee Elders while waiting in long lines, our young mothers with no recourse for raising young children without an education from designated federal funds, our emergency patients being scorned for bothering the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma for help. Our mothers with needed daily necessaties (for a cp child) needing diapers and the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma telling her to go elsewhere for help as they have no money. Yet our chief and his brother and side kicks can jet around the country in luxury intended for the poor. IHS has done an admirable job these many years in training staff, doctors, nurses, dentists and dental therapists in a professional, serving manner. Please do not allow the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma the opportunity to submit our tribes to CNO's lack of
44. Steve Osburn  
43. Linda Summerfield Congress is obligated by Public Law to provide the HIGHEST POSSIBLE HEALTH STATUS to all Native Americans. They do not. Under the guise of "self-determination"., Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, took over several previously IHS-run health clinics. The act became known as self-termination among those who needed health care. IF Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is allowed to take over the IHS hospital, there will be NO checks and balances against the care that still does NOT provide the HIGHEST POSSIBLE HEALTH STATUS. Please do not allow the self-serving and greedy people on the tribal council and chief's club to achieve this takeover and commit worse attrocities upon the Cherokee people. I already lost one precious Cherokee daughter through the substandard "priority" health care system. How many other innocent Cherokees will die before steps are taken to provide the HIGHEST POSSIBLE HEALTH STATUS to all Native Americans?
42. Samuel  
41. Patricia Shadrick  
40. Rachael N. Haas  
39. Daniel Lee Voss  
38. Larry Voss  
37. Rebekah S. Voss  
36. I. Suzanne Lantow  
35. Kendall McCall  
34. Bernadine McCall Please don't let this happen.That would be bad
33. Allen L. Lee While the proposal seems logical to meet the expectations of the Indian Self Determination Act, unless the hospital is for the exclusive use of Cherokee citizens, I would agree only if "All" Indian citzens in the region gave their consent for the Cherokee Nation to run the hospital exclusively. That consent would have to be unanimous.
32. Albert C Hubbard  
31. Jocelyn M Hubbard Stop this takeover
30. Alice Harris  
29. Vertle A. Lewis Stop this takeover
28. Virginia A. Hubbard please act on this immediately
27. Michael L. (Mike) Dart I am a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. I feel like the IHS facilities in Tahlequah are being ran just fine as is, and with our current tribal administration, I feel like conditions would worsen should Cherokee Nation be given control of the IHS facilities.
26. Jo Ann Tidwell The best interest of all native americans in this area cannot be served by Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Cherokee Nation continues to poison our lands with their landfill. Now , they want to give us medical care!
25. Bryan Shade Please stop this expansion of the organized mafia that is the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
24. Allen Reed  
23. Dorothy J. Clay  
22. Robert Smith  
21. Roxanne Webster  
20. Charles Webster  
19. Dona McLain
    Name                      Comments
18. Lisa Horner                   
17. Julie Robinson This take over is a bad idea!
16. Jacklyn Hess  
15. Roy McLain  
14. Robin Smith Lets not let this happen!
13. William L. Lantow  
12. Charles W. Haas  
11. Wilma Jean Rucker Haas I pray this WILL NOT HAPPEN
10. Jeffery Joe Haas  
9. Clifford Bowen  
8. Gail Bowen  
7. Betty Welch  
6. Lisa C Stopp My question is, how can this even be considered when Congress is currently considering suspending funding to Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma? How would CNO propose to fund this endeavor?
5. Robin Mayes Cherokee Citizens must do what ever it takes to stop CNO, the Confederate Nation of Oklahoma, from promoting their racism at the expense of our children’s health care.
4. Howard E. Boen  
3. Tinsey Cornsilk Stop this abomination
2. Thelda Rucker Boen This takeover must be stopped!!!!!
1. John Cornsilk This Travesty needs to be stopped now, sign it folks, a copy will go to the Committee and members.