This is an excerpt from a Story in the Muskogee Phoenix back in 1999, should anyone be

interested,  a copy can be seen at the Muskgee County Library.  And it serves to negate the

implications of of this picture, that Chad Smith is a loving and caring husband and father. If you

will, note  the ages of the 2 sets of children, both sets were sired by Smith at the same time with

two different women. While this is an old news item, the man is the same, and this authors

reasoning for continually bringing it up, is to say if a man will do this to people he supposedly

loves, what will he do as a Chief of the Cherokee people, who he quite well demonstrates not

caring for, never mind loving,  by his actions and a new cry for the ouster of a Class of Cherokee

people, the Cherokee Freedmen descendents who  Citizens of the cherokee Nation and members

of the cherokee Nation of Oklahoma  as declared so by the Cherokee Supreme Court.  

Cherokee attorney will run for Chief again

By Donna Hales Phoenix staff writer.

        Smith also may face an uphill hurtle in the court of public opinion. In addition to his wife and

three Children, ages 5, 11, and 18, Smith confirmed Wednesday he has a second family of three

children, ages 6, 10 and 11. He said he loves all his children and financially supports all of them.

'I’ve made every body aware and visited with a number of Cherokee elders,' Smith said.

He said most of the elders told him they are interested in what he could do for the tribe rather than

 in "this personal situation.' Smith said he would not give any more details because he doesn't want

to bring embarrassment to any of his children. He added if the tribe wasn't in such disarray, he

wouldn't be opening himself up to criticism over his personal life by becoming a candidate. He

said, he had hoped the subject wouldn’t come up until later in his campaign.