Seal of the United Cherokee Nation

The seal of the Great Cherokee Nation  was discarded by the proponents of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma in 1975,  just as they did the 1839 Constitution of the Cherokee,  if you will compare the two you will find the original to be completely different than the one the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) uses today.

The picture above is of the official Seal of the United Cherokee Nation, and is correct, as our ancestors designed it, one single point of the 7 pointed star points upward, and is a very important part of Cherokee culture, it points to the "CREATOR" above, the two points pointing downward signifies the creator's way, it takes two of all, for the perpetuation of creation.

The Seal has the correct Cherokee writing for Cherokee Nation, as close as can be spoken or written in Cherokee, because there is no word for Nation. The garland image on the seal is of oak leaves, which has a very significant meaning in the Cherokee culture, for life and strength.The slight change in the Cherokee wording  was by a Cherokee, the presently seated Chief of the United Cherokee Nation, Robin Mayes, who is the great-great-grandson of Chief John Ross.

Back in the 1980's Chief Wilma Mankiller commissioned a Navajo artist to re do the seal symbolism, this Navajo had no concept of the Cherokee culture so he change every thing completely, and Mankiller was so inept in Cherokee culture  to know to correct his work she just accepted an commissioned it as the official Seal of the CNO. One single point of the star points downward, many Cherokee think it points to the dark world below, and the two pointing upward has no meaning in the culture of the Cherokee People at all the, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma seal has Laurel leaves for the garland which is completely insignificant in Cherokee culture. You see it used as the official seal, on letterheads and the (CNO) flag. just about anywhere you see anything of the CNO you will see their seal.

The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee in Oklahoma (UKB) had some time ago done their seal that also uses the seven pointed star with the oak leaf garland for the culture value with their words in english.

After our revival of the  Cherokee Nation Seal in the year of 2000, the Eastern Band of Cherokee (EBC) of North Carolina took a copy of the seal and and made them one they use the seven pointed star and the oak leaf garland also for the culture and meaning they removed the Cherokee writing an replaced it with their words in english, for many years they had used the seal and flag of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

The United Cherokee Nation (UCN) Minted a Silver coin with the Seal of the UCN for the back side of the coin this can be see HERE.